Where to Serve

Women’s Ministry – Any female member the age of 18 and older are automatically included in the Women’s Ministry. A ministry, in which the ladies of the church will meet as a whole through groups and conferences to strengthen, uplift and encourage each other through the power of God!

Men’s Ministry – Any male member the age of 18 and older are automatically included in the Men’s Ministry. This is a ministry set in place to train the men of the church their place and role in God’s word and within the ministry. The men will participate in groups and conferences in order to strengthen, uplift and encourage each other through the power of God!

Children’s Ministry – “Jesus Love’s the little children, All the children of the world…” Our Children are our future! God says if only we would humble ourselves as a child before His sight. We must embrace and encourage our children to grow in God, knowing Him for themselves. In this ministry, we are looking for individuals who know that Children are our jewels

Teen Ministry – All members between the age of 13-17 are considered a member of the teen ministry. This ministry will focus on the developing teen and preparing them for young adulthood through various group meetings and projects. The teen ministry will focus on serving the community, educational growth and most importantly growing in the fellowship of God through the interaction of like believers.

Young Adult Ministry – All members between the ages of 18-25 are automatically apart of the Young Adult Ministry. These students are living their lives dedicated to God and leaning on each other for sharpening and strength through the fellowship of sharing and growing in understanding of God’s word!

Drama Ministry & Dance – In this ministry, we are looking for saints who have the dramatic gift of speech in the form of reciting dramatic works and poetry as well as acting out dramas, Paintings, drawings, and praise Dancing that show the spirit of God through creative arts and what He requires of us! God is the founder of creativity!

Choir/Music Ministry – The scriptures depict how our Living God Sing’s unto us and responds to our praise and worship. In this ministry, we are looking for people who understand that the ministry is more than a beautiful voice or instrumental skill but a heart that longs after God and desires to please Him. If you are interested in serving in this ministry you have taken on a great and joyous task of ushering in the spirit of God into the sanctuary and setting the atmosphere for true worship!

Compassion/Hospitality Ministry – Jesus had compassion! We have been called to care for one another! The saint that desires to work in this ministry has a heart for people. They love people and care about the well-being of the individual as a whole. This is the Pastor’s heart! In this ministry, we want to celebrate with our members and partners as well as mourn with them during their times of grief!

Usher Ministry – In this ministry, we are looking for saints who have been bestowed with the gift of servitude. To greet new and old faces and direct the flow of people within the sanctuary, to aid in the offertory collection and program distribution, this saint has the heart of servitude and is able to tend to the needs of members and visitors as the service progresses.

Health Ministry – In this day and age, we realize that our diet is very important. If we look at the example of Daniel from the scriptures that Daniel denied Himself the King’s Portion and We as a people have to gain knowledge and wisdom on which foods to withhold from and how we are to take care of our temples.

Sick and Shut-In Ministry – God ask us to take care of our brothers and sisters who cannot take care of themselves. We must be there for them through prayer and encouragement in times of illness and recovery. In this ministry, we are looking for saints who have the heart to serve those who are inflicted and shut-In. Knowing that God is Jehovah Rapha, the true healer!

Prison Ministry – In this ministry, you should desire the heart of prayer and ministry to those who are imprisoned in our justice systems. Going forth to proclaim the goodness and glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Through His example bringing encouragement and light into a place where darkness may dwell.

Intercessory Prayer – Prayer is our Lifeline and Lifestyle! Prayer is our connection to God. Without prayer, nothing is possible! This is the heartbeat of this ministry, to create an atmosphere where the power of God will become tangible.Therefore, this ministry is the backbone of Eagles City! We need prayer warriors! People who understand the power of prayer and have the heart to share that gift for the common good of interceding on behalf of the ministry; its leaders and members.